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Hello there, brave traveler

Let me present myself: I am a Romanian artist usually found in Paris. I am a Gobelins, l'école de l'image alumnus and now I am freelancing while moving around like a nomad.

I am specialised in Visual Development and Character Design. I love developing worlds and characters, and imagine great epic stories.
I strive to become a production designer and someday direct my own films.

I co-directed four films at Gobelins, most notably the graduation film, Hors de L'eau

For work inquiries, don't hesitate to contact me using the form below or on my email: andrei.sitari@gmail.com

Download my resumé

"Andrei initially worked on Frenemy Studios projects as a visual development artist, focusing on character designs and concept art for a few pitch bibles. Not only was his work of the highest quality, he incorporated feedback so well that it pushed the worlds and characters in exciting and unexpected directions. His design sensibilities, his willingness to voice his artistic thought process and ability to communicate clearly and effectively (even as a remote artist) meant he became a trusted collaborator. Additionally, he created a few test 2D animation sequences which further proved his versatility, stylistic flexibility and exceptional grasp of the medium. I cannot recommend his work- or work ethic- more highly."

-Victor Fuste  
Founder Frenemy Studios

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